We at Corocord offer you a wide range of services for all aspects of our products. We do everything to make sure that our play equipment offers constantly high enjoyment for its users coupled with maximum safety over many years. We ensure this by providing outstanding quality in each single element – and by means of easy-to-understand installation and maintenance instructions. When it comes to installing complex equipment, we are there on site to make sure that everything is just as it should be.


Most Corocord play equipment can be assembled easily and quickly by the customer himself. The login section of our website contains easy-to-understand installation instructions for the individual standard items of equipment.

More complex equipment requiring installation by a Corocord staff member is marked accordingly. We will be pleased to give you a quotation on request.

Maintenance and servicing

Corocord rope play equipment requires minimum maintenance.
The high-quality materials, ranging from our special rope and our "S" clamps to the turnbuckles and the tried-and-tested Corocord knotting techniques used to make the rope nets, give them their enormous stability and safety. Even so, regular inspections to establish wear and tear or damage arising from vandalism are necessary. The login section of our website contains maintenance instructions for the individual items of standard equipment.

We will also be pleased to carry out this work for you on the basis of an annual service agreement with maintenance carried out in the spring and the autumn months. Just ask us to submit a quotation.

For the regular maintenance of the equipment it is usually sufficient to retension the ropes one time using the pre-installed turnbuckles.

Should any of your regular inspections reveal damage to an item of play equipment, all you need to do is contact our distributor in your area or our customer service team. Thanks to the unique means of attachment with Corocord "S" clamps, if a rope is damaged, it usually suffices to replace the rope ring in question.

Individual playground areas

Modular expansion
Modular play systems by Corocord can be combined from a wide variety of innovative elements and thus are ideally suited for individual adaptation to local conditions and different user groups. The specialists at our Spacenet manufacture in Berlin will gladly provide you with skilled advice to help you find the perfect combination for a tailor-made solution. Together with you, we can develop a unique playground area individually adjusted to the terrain and the playing situation – just like puzzle pieces that simply fit together.

Or are you intending to realise a special playground area and wish to modify our standard equipment to this end? Our Corocord engineers and designers will be happy to answer your questions on planning and realisation and will help you find the appropriate technical solutions. We also gladly contribute our imagination and creativity in developing entirely new, spectacular play equipment and ensembles in collaboration with you. Take advantage of our long Corocord tradition of continuous innovation of rope play equipment.

Even better as a package: Attractive combinations
To facilitate your choice from our extensive range, we spare no effort. Particularly from our modular product lines, we compose ever new, excitingly assembled packages with versatile play suggestions. In some packages, the centre is formed by one of our magnificent Spacenets, supplemented by various extensions and modules from other product lines. These carefully selected combinations are not only elaborately composed from a functional point of view, but also come at an attractive price. You will find our package deals here »

More for all: Universal design
A special focus of our work is on developing play equipment that can also be used by persons with disabilities. Items of play equipment which particularly stand out regarding universality and accessibility can easily be found with our product finder. However, it is also possible to adapt other equipment to cater for the needs of persons with disabilities. Just ask us for more information – in this field too, we are a competent partner with extensive experience.

Indoors and outdoors: Easy surface installation
In recent years, we have also produced a wide range of indoor playground areas, or for installation e.g. on the roofs of underground garages. Many of our items of play equipment can be modified for surface installation – some of them are already prepared accordingly in their standard version. These items are indicated by the adjacent symbol.

There are even more ways of giving our play equipment its own individual look – rope nets can be supplied in a wide range of different colours and our masts and posts can be coloured in all RAL colour shades.