National projects: Great climbing fun at the CVJM in Altenstein

Last year, a particularly smart charity drive was initiated by the CVJM in Altenstein in Lower Franconia to upgrade its grounds with an original Spacenet by Corocord, the Spacenet inventors. The simple mathematical equation of 1 + 1 = 2 was used here: for each donated Euro, the association gave another from its own pocket – which means double the joy in playing for future users.

Taking stock at the end of the year, the treasurer of the CVJM was flabbergasted: the donated money by far exceeded the costs for the planned Large Spacenet! So the association happily added several elements from our popular Rope Parkour series to the order. By mid-June of this year the time had finally come and the rope play equipment was installed in a joint effort.

Since then, the grounds of the CVJM in Altenstein have become a particularly popular meeting point for overnight guests and residents. Children and teens can give free rein here to their love of climbing, balancing and gymnastics. We at Corocord congratulate the CVJM in Altenstein on this great fund-raising idea and, together with the users, are pleased about this rope play installation, lovingly put together.


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