National projects: "Die Arche" is pleased with its new Performer Dome

"Die Arche e. V.", a Christian organisation for children and teens, now offers drop-in centers and safe harbours for children and young people in difficult social circumstances in over ten German cities. After the rooms at their site in Düsseldorf, a former youth club, were bursting at the seams, it was decided this year to venture into a new building.

On its now much larger site, there was not only space for the established leisure facility for children aged 6 – 12 years, but it was also possible to open a day-care centre for children aged 0 – 6; the first of the "Arche" all over Germany since its foundation in 1995. Naturally, particular attention was paid to the design of the outdoor facilities, and we at Corocord are pleased to have created a central contact point for children and teens with our popular Performer Dome.

With its various net areas, climbing walls and membranes, the Performer Dome offers the perfect platform for young protagonists. The guyed ropes, firmly anchored in the ground, with their large and small UFOs, provide additional wild and physically challenging climbing routes.

Since the middle of June, the "Arche" in Düsseldorf has offered their child not only a hot lunch, a homework club and a great deal of attention: with our Performer Dome, the grounds are also an invitation to exciting adventures in movement. We are already looking forward to the next project together with the movers and shakers at the "Arche".


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