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Climbing Wave

14.05.2011 - Together with the Berlin-based architecture office A24 LANDSCHAFT, Corocord developed a wholly new piece of rope play equipment for the Regional Garden Show in Rosenheim, Germany: a breaking climbing wave. Climbing nets of various mesh sizes and tension form an undulating play landscape ... more »

Spider Tree Net

12.05.2011 - Children's Playground „Eng“, Bretten, Germany 2011 more »

Dune Landscape

01.03.2011 - The expertise of the rope specialists at Corocord once again faced a challenge when producing a dune shaped climbing tunnel. The renowned Berlin landscape architecture office TOPOTEK 1 had come up with a fantastic design for the leisure area in Munich‘s "Theresienhöhe" district. more »

Devil's Claw

15.07.2010 - A challenge for the SNOW landscape architects: designing a playing area for a junior school in Landsberg (Saalekreis) that had two mottos – 'city history' and 'regenerative production of energy'. The team sought assistance from the Spacenet Inventors at Corocord. more »

Schöneberg Rope Parkour

05.07.2010 - Our Rope Parkour has been a real bestseller ever since it was introduced. There are more than ten innovative elements on which kids and teenagers can copy the adventures of the 'real' parkour athletes. more »

"Re-Create – Your idea makes the difference"

21.04.2010 - Cheering at the Schilling school – the newly designed school playground was finally handed over to the schoolchildren on 21st April 2010. And the idea for the new playground originated from the children themselves as part of the competition "Re-Create – Your idea makes the difference". more »

The Wolfsburg Kaleidoscope

10.03.2010 - 'To observe beautiful forms': that is the literal translation of the term 'kaleidoscope', which derives from ancient Greek, and this is exactly what the rope specialists from Corocord achieved in realising a new product from a design by Berlin landscape architect Uta Henklein. more »

The Super Spacenet for the IBA 2010

02.09.2009 - 19 cities – 19 concepts. That’s the guiding principle of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment Saxony-Anhalt 2010. The city of Weißenfels wants to bring the countryside into the city and so is formulating its IBA theme "Grün der Zeit" ("Ever Green"). Lots of parts of the 'Neustadtpark' project have already been realised, and we’re pleased to be represented by way of a fantastic, distinctive Spacenet. more »

A Wild Climb

02.07.2009 - Attractive rope play equipment in the middle of a nature reserve: with this goal, the State Forestry Office of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern approached the Spacenet Inventors at Corocord in Spring 2008. This was an interesting challenge for our experienced planners, which we gladly took on. It soon became clear to us that elements from our range of Forest Bridges would be best suited to the 'Damerower Werder' nature reserve, as this rope play equipment is secured directly to trees using gentle tree connectors and can therefore be assembled without any support constructions or foundations. more »

Floating Play Net

06.04.2009 - Uferpark Chemnitz. As part of the redesigning of the Uferpark in Chemnitz, we created an aesthetically and structurally fascinating project in collaboration with the Magdeburg office of lohrer.hochrein landscape architects. A rope net with an irregular-shaped ground plan, anchored down only on the outside and floating freely on the interior. Is that even structurally possible? more »

National projects 11 to 20 of 35
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