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1000: Playground Areas

The birth of new play worlds conceived from imagination and know-how

The power of imagination of children is unlimited. Therefore our planners at Corocord combine playful creativity with their know-how as engineers when developing new Playground Areas. After all, only someone who is open to ideas and impressions is able to create these intriguing areas based on many years of experience, that Corocord has been and is building for customers all over the world. This is true both for the individualised combination of different elements from the rope play equipment range and for the custom-made items produced at our Spacenet manufacturing centre in Berlin. Whether a work of art that can be climbed on, a Spacenet landscape among trees or a climbing maze inside a former fire station, our Playground Areas are characterised by high-quality materials in addition to their filigree aesthetics because we apply the standards of our CEP philosophy to the manufacture of all individual components of our Corocord products.