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Information, workshops and seminars covering the topics of rope, rope play equipment and Spacenets, and on constructions from ropes and membranes

Seil Spielgeräte Kompetenz - Die Seilakademie
We at Corocord are the leading experts worldwide in the development of complex rope play equipment and the art of building with ropes and membranes. Through our products and projects, our clients and partners have been benefiting from this expertise in rope technology for many years.
Now, the new Seilakademie further strengthens this exchange of know-how. With workshops, seminars and background material, we pass on our specialist knowledge to you – so that, in the future, we can be even more successful in bringing ambitious ideas to fruition together.

Expertise in rope constructions

A high tech rope as used in our play equipment is a complex structure. The Seilakademie provides architects, town planners, project developers and other partners of Corocord with a deeper understanding of rope as a constructional element and its potential. Our topics range from the fascinating possibilities of architectural constructions with ropes, to the safety of play equipment.
At the Seilakademie, learning is fun, because we don’t just serve up the dry facts, but together with you we explore the possibilities of rope architecture – which is what provides us with new inspiration every day in our own work.

Innovation in dialogue

Corocord develops products and projects transparently for clients and partners, and in future this transparency will also include dialogue at the Seilakademie. Here, we offer a profound insight into the innovation of the planners and specialists at our Berlin Spacenet manufacture.
We want you to gain a deep understanding of the live process by which new Corocord products evolve until they are ready for production. After all, this is something that accounts for the particular quality of our work – just like the Seilakademie since summer 2008.

Information, workshops and seminars dealing with the topics Rope, Rope Play Equipment, Spacenets and constructions made of rope and membranes