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Technical information

Proven quality by ISO 9001:2015 certification

The innovative history of Corocord is reflected in every fibre of our net structures. We work continuously to improve our products – also using the experience our staffs has gained from carrying out maintenance work on many hundreds of Spacenets.

Our management system, which has ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensures that what has been learnt from marketing, maintenance and development is always channelled back into the Corocord products and their documentation.

The right type of rope for each age group

We consider good rope play structures to be ones that are designed with the abilities of their users in mind. This is why, for example, Corocord uses ropes made up of strands of different thicknesses depending on the age group of the children for whom they are intended. The three-to-five-year olds climb on 19 mm thick ropes; while children aged six and older safely and confidently use rope that has a diameter of 22 millimetres.

We use ropes that have a high-quality surface of PES yarn and a robust steel core. The PES yarn is pleasant to the touch, while also being more robust than other synthetics. We increase its durability using an innovative technique that fuses it onto the steel strands inductively. The result is a laminar fusion of the textile surface and the metal core.

Corocord: from Berlin to the world

We have licensed a traditional rope-making factory to make the ropes used for the Corocord play equipment. The rope-making skills of this traditional factory are combined with our expertise in processing and developing the ropes to create Corocord play equipment.

All our products conform to the stringent EN 1176 certification and also meet all recognised technical regulations. Corocord rope play equipment can be found in over 50 countries all over the world, inviting users to climb, discover and play. In most of these countries we have developed a network of authorised dealers who advise our customers and service the equipment.