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Press releases: Interactive loop by Corocord for the Weltkulturen playground

COROCORD Raumnetz GmbH is pleased to announce the successful construction of the Weltkulturen playground in Wiesbaden, Germany. The city of Wiesbaden called on landscape architects and artists to create a place where people of all age groups and ethnical backgrounds could meet and play together. The Berlin-based architecture office ANNABAU was awarded the contract due to its impressive concept. And based on its design, Corocord produced an interactive loop made of two steel rings that offers a wide range of play opportunities – especially for the playground in Wiesbaden. The three metre high playing sculpture enables various climbing activities; it boasts three trampolines, a wooded area with ropes, a large tyre swing, a close-mesh tunnel and a "slide membrane".

When developing the sculptural playground, the city and the planners paid particular attention to the quality and safety of the individual play equipment. As extensive experience in the production and realization of climbing structures is essential, the Berlin-based Spacenet Inventors were chosen to implement the loop.

The safety of children is our highest priority: therefore, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards by testing even the smallest details, such as the connection of the rope nets to the steel tubes, with the help of 1:1 models. Nonetheless, the realization of the interactive loop was a particularly demanding challenge even for us: the individual sections of the loop have span widths of more than 20 metres. This would normally have led the 178 m long steel tubes with a diameter of 273 mm to sag below the horizontal. Therefore, we turned to the Berlin-based support structure planner Frank Niehues for help with this problem. For the individual tube sections, he calculated the exact super-elevation that needed to be considered during production. Thanks to this super-elevation, we were able to put ANNABAU’s outstanding design into exact practice.

The opening of the sculptural playground was a huge success. It has become a firm favourite with people of all ages due to its location overlooking the city and its complex range of play activities. We are pleased that our experience and joy contributed to this success.

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