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Planning aids

Creativity plus quality

The Corocord planning department is always working on new projects. The result of creative ideas and the tried and tested components is a wealth of new rope play equipment that are loved by those who use them.

Competence for our customers

The customers of Corocord also profit quite directly from the experience of our planners. We provide you with our support in realising your own individual projects wherever this is possible.

From the catalogue to the playground

This begins while you are working on a design that includes play equipment from our catalogue. We take your planning idea as a basis for making detailed proposals for realising it in practice, paying particular attention to the aspect of safety.

Modifications to meet your needs

Do you wish to adapt our products to special conditions existing at the place where they will be located? We will modify Corocord play equipment such as bridges and rope nets in line with your requirements.

Customised play equipment

And if something entirely new is called for, our planners can also design complete unique play structures and other kinds of equipment made out of rope for you.