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Conrad Roland

The father of the Spacenet

The architect Conrad Roland, who was born in Munich in 1934, is the founder of Corocord and the inventor of the Spacenet – the basis of all of Corocord’s rope play equipment.

Roland studied architecture in Munich, Chicago and Berlin and worked with Mies van der Rohe in Chicago. By the 1960s he was already beginning to deal with the design of Spacenets and suspended houses intensively.

Architecture to play in

Roland began to design playground Spacenets in 1970. The architect constructed the first of these revolutionary structures in Berlin in 1971.

He won the "Gute Form" (Good Design) national award the same year for his climbing equipment with a tensed polyeder rope structure.

From Conrad Roland to Corocord

The architect founded the "Conrad Roland Spielbau" company in 1974. The company was sold in 1985, leading to the creation of the present company, namely COROCORD Raumnetz GmbH. The name is a connection of the initials of the founder (CoRo) and the word "cord".

Corocord acquired all the patents and the copyright for rope Spacenets from Conrad Roland and began to extend and develop production for the international market. The rope net pioneer Conrad Roland has lived and worked in the United States of America since 1987.