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Company profile

Corocord: Quality from the inventor of the playground Spacenet

We at Corocord are the specialists in playground Spacenets. Every year we construct over 1000 of these nets at our headquarters in Berlin. A staff of 55 works here in manufacture, development and administration. Our products range from the classic Spacenet to large-scale customised equipment that shapes public space as transparent architecture.

Corocord has invested creativity, enthusiasm and wide-ranging innovation into developing our range of products, originating from an invention by Conrad Roland, into what it has become today. Conrad Roland, an architect by profession, came up with his revolutionary idea for the first Spacenet in 1971. The high standard set by the company’s founder with regard to quality and design is up to today a benchmark for Corocord. For example, Corocord continuously develops the complex rope-manufacturing process that uses high-quality materials and modern production techniques.

Our Spacenets are entirely designed to serve the needs of the user from the tiniest detail to the overall design. After all, play equipment is most fun when the needs of the children who will use it are borne in mind at its very inception. This is why, for example, we choose ropes of different diameters for kindergarten children and older schoolchildren.

All Corocord products conform to EN 1176. The management system with certification according to ISO 9001:2015 is the guarantee that insights gained in marketing and maintenance are used to improve products and documentation.