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Company philosophy

Innovations make play fun

Playing in and with Corocord Spacenets is intended to be fun – time and time again. That is why, when bringing out new products, we don’t fall back on run-of-the-mill solutions, but develop each product step by step according to the stringent standards that we have set ourselves. Continuity and awareness of our own tradition are also reflected in our latest range, which includes both new products and classics such as the Spacenet.

Individuality and play

Our products are play worlds that encourage creativity and help children develop their coordination skills. What is important for us is making rope play equipment that is right for the children using it. This is why we adapt it to different age groups and also bear the needs of children with disabilities in mind.

Architecture made of ropes

Developing Spacenets is an architectonic challenge: Each construction is designed for transparency and clear presentation of its structure outwards. This means that concealed make-do structures are not an option for Corocord when it is a matter of finding solutions to structural problems. Instead, we openly discuss new designs right from the beginning of the planning phase with a view to finding the perfect solution.

Pride and creativity

Creativity and enjoyment of work are just as important for Corocord developers as the standards they set for the products they design. And we are also genuinely proud of the result of this careful work – in other words of our entirely successful Spacenets. This is also the base of our close and rewarding collaboration with architects in realising unusual individual projects.

Rope research

Rope is the basis of all our products. This is why Corocord’s specialists have carried out research into this material in all its aspects for many years and have continuously perfected our rope technology over the past 20 years. This creates the pre-condition of all the many new versions and types of Spacenets developed in this period.

Our experience makes us better

We develop all the play equipment shown in our catalogue at our headquarters in Berlin – this is also where the Spacenets are manufactured. And as every step from the first design idea to the finished product is the work of our team members, development and improvement of our products benefit from their invaluable experience.

Our mission and our success

Corocord has set itself the goal of producing Spacenets as well as flat playnets that are unique all over the world: these are aesthetic and attractive products, offering a wealth of play possibilities, and with a long lifespan. Not an easy task. But we see our mission in rising to the challenges presented by our work day by day.