Exciting extensions

Even more play fun on our filigree rope constructions is guaranteed through a wide variety of possible extensions. The new EPDM discs, for example, are a multi-coloured invitation for swinging and wild climbing parties, but are also suitable as convenient seats during breaks.

At the same time, our classical extensions made from black Corocord membrane still remain immensely popular: Seats, Houses and wide slides are triggers for a huge variety of games. And we have many more exciting extensions in our programme. Our entire range you will find here.

2017 NEW at Corocord: Ocean Dome

09.01.2017 - Dive freely into a new adventure world. An underwater world formed by rope structures in deep ocean blue and colourful membranes. Discover this world like a fish and pass the existing Coral reefs, seaweed and starfishes on your way to the surface and towards the horizon on top of the wave. Various imaginative stories and adventures are waiting to be explored by playing in and on the Ocean Dome. Let your phantasy run wild!

Boomerang Munich

08.07.2016 -

Location: Former AGFA-premises Munich
Planning suggestion: Lex Kerfers_Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich
Height: 2,85 m
Floor space: 25,90 x 10,95 m
Opening: 2015

Coromesh LGS Bayreuth

21.06.2016 -

Location: Regional Garden Show Bayreuth 2016
Planning suggestion: HAHN HERTLING VON HANTELMANN Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
Height: 7,50 m
Floor space: 36,00 x 19,30 m
Opening: 2016


15.02.2016 - Whether you want a Jellyfish Tower in a sunny park or the wild Net Twister in a children’s adventure playground, we, the Spacenet Inventors at Corocord, can develop unique play ideas for projects around the world.

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