Exciting extensions

Even more play fun on our filigree rope constructions is guaranteed through a wide variety of possible extensions. The new EPDM discs, for example, are a multi-coloured invitation for swinging and wild climbing parties, but are also suitable as convenient seats during breaks.

At the same time, our classical extensions made from black Corocord membrane still remain immensely popular: Seats, Houses and wide slides are triggers for a huge variety of games. And we have many more exciting extensions in our programme. Our entire range you will find here.

Corocord Frisbees

24.02.2015 - A big hit for little climbers – our Corocord Frisbees are setting new design standards through their unique, curved form and really challenge all of the senses when playing.

Our Climbing Spheres

23.02.2015 - An experience for body and soul – our magical Climbing Spheres with their clear architectural shapes and symmetrical interior rope matrix inspire spontaneous peak performances.

Many thanks, dear Conrad Roland!

02.09.2014 - A joy shared is a joy doubled. We too are very glad about the particularly friendly lines of our company founder, which reached us a few days ago.
On the occasion of his 80th birthday about two weeks ago, we had sent a "small" birthday greeting in the form of an XXXXL postcard ...

Happy birthday, dear Conrad Roland!

18.08.2014 - The Spacenet visionary and founder of the Corocord company is now a respectable 80 years old. We take you on a journey back in time to the beginnings of rope play equipment and his pioneering ideas.

Explore our rope play equipment interactively

12.06.2014 - Thanks to our new zoom features on the product overview pages, you can take a detailed insight into the many features and innovative technical details of our rope play equipment. Take a walk through the best-liked Corocord products quite easily by maneuvering your mouse.

QLD Landscape Construction of the Year Award

11.06.2014 - At the end of the year 2012, Corocord carried our three exciting projects with their Australian partner Urban Play, which were all awarded one of the sought-after prizes of the organization Landscape Queensland at the start of November last year.

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